MDE 515: Database Management Systems

Timing Data: Tuesday, 15:00-18:00
Location: Informatics Builds, Classroom Z.
Instructor: A. Delis, Room A37, e-mail: ad +at- di dot uoa dot gr
Grading Policy: Homeworks 15%, 2 Projects 50%, Final 35%

  • Basic knowledge of Databases, Algorithms, and Operating Systems.
  • Ease in programming (in the Unix environment).
  • Working knowledge of  either  C/C++ or Java.
  • Syllabus for the class.

  • References:
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  • Slides: set1, set2, set3, set4, set5, set6, set7, set8, set9, set10, set11, set12, note1.

    Projects & Final:
  • Project I: pdf. ↦ Demostration Dates: 8/12 & 9/12.
  • Project II: pdf (altenative) ↦ Demostration Dates: 22/2 & 23/2.
  • Final Examination: ↦

  • B+Tree Algorithms: insertion and deletion
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