MDE 518: Advanced Operating Systems

Timing Data:
Monday 13:00-16:00 (Rec. 16:00-17:00 Room A37)
Classroom: Aithousa Beta-Typa Builds.

Instructor/Contact Info:
A. Delis,
Deprt. of Informatics and Telecoms,
University of Athens, 15784 Athens
tel: 210-727.5212
e-mail: ad +*at*+


  • Basic knowledge of Operating Systems,  Computer  Architecture, and Algorithms.
  • Ease in programming in the Unix environment.
  • Excellent knowledge of  either  C or C++.
  • Java/Perl/Python could be used depending on the project.

  • Goals:
    The main goal of this course is to examine advanced concepts in Operating Systems through the study of research papers. A number of "classic" papers will be also duscussed.

    Reading Material:

  • A tentative  list of the papers to be  discussed  in this class can be found in here.
  • An Operating Systems Vade Mekum,  Raphael A. Finkel, Prentice Hall (book is out of print and available on-line).
  • A tutorial on disk technology
  • A white paper on Zipf's Distribution
  • A reference on Zipf, Power-laws, and Pareto.
  • A number of documents ( [1], [2] [3], and ) on the N-body problem (courtecy Rafael Pasbantidis).

  • Homeworks:


  • The first project can be found here (and in postscript)
  • Introductory notes to transactions and concurrency control protocols.
  • Class Presentations:
    A list of papers that are to be presented can be found


  • 15% homeworks and in-class presentation (homeworks are due a week after they are announced in class).
  • 45% Final exam
  • 40% Semester Project(s)

  • Unix accounts:
    can be obtain by contacting the following people (situated in the Unix Lab):

  • Marianna Blastou,
  • Fofo Papamixalopoulou

  • Reading Research Papers & More:

  • 3 sins
  • Hints for Research Students
  • Advice on Research & Writing
  • Dissertation Advice

  • Other References for the Course:
    Quick Guide to Socket Programming
    Introduction to threads
    A Short Tutorial in POSIX Threads
    Sun Microsystems Reference

    (Almost) Free OSs and Software:
    Solaris 10 , Linux.Org,  Suse-Linux, Red-Hat, Debian, FreeBSD, Beowulf, GNU-Hurd, Mach4, GNU.