Recent Publications


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"A Low Power NORA Design Technique Based on Charge Recycling",  Y. Tsiatouhas, K. Limniotis, A. Arapoyanni and Th. Haniotakis,10th IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Circuits and Systems (ICECS03), December 2003.

" A Sense Amplifier Based Circuit for Concurrent Detection of Soft and Timing Errors in CMOS ICs", Y. Tsiatouhas, S. Matakias, A. Arapoyanni and Th. Haniotakis, 9th  IEEE International On-Line Testing Symposium (IOLTS03), pp. 12-16, July 2003.

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          "Electrical crosstalk estimations on flip-chip and wire-bonded OEICs", D.

           Varoutas, A. Chipouras, A. Arapoyanni and Th. Sphicopoulos, Proc. 3rd

          WSEAS     Int. Conf. Applied Informatics Communications (AIC03),

          Rhodes, Nov. 15-17, 2002, Greece.


          "A Hierarchical Architecture for Concurrent Soft Error Detection Based on

          Current Sensing",   Y. Tsiatouhas, A. Arapoyanni, D. Nikolos and Th.

          Haniotakis, 8th  IEEE International On-Line Testing Workshop (IOLTW02),

          pp. 56-60, July 2002.


          "A High-Performance Low-Power Static Differential Double Edge-Triggered

          Flip-Flop", Y. Moisiadis, I. Bouras, A.Arapoyanni and L. Dermentzoglou, 

          IEEE ISCAS01, Sydney, Australia.


           "A 900MHz/1800MHz Superhet Receiver Engaging High IF1 for Image

          Rejection", A.Pneumatikakis, L. Dermentzoglou, A.Arapoyanni and Y.

          Moisiadis, Proceedings of ICCDCS200, Caracas Mexico, March 2000.


          "A Versatile Built-I Self Test Scheme for Delay Fault Testing", Y. Tsiatouhas,  

         Th. Haniotakis, D. Nikolos and  A. Arapoyanni, Proceedings of Design 

           Automation and Test in Europe (DATE´00), March 2000.