Robust Geometric Computations and Visualization (for ordinary mortals)


Development with CGAL-Python using the IDLE development environment.

The CGAL-Python virtual appliance is a vmware virtual machine containing a full CGAL-Python development invironment. It is a relatively compact debian etch install with a full featured xfce desktop environment that comes preinstalled with all that you need to write programs in C++ using CGAL or in Python using the CGAL bindings.

Download Virtual Appliance

Log in as "cgalpython" using the password "cgalpython".

The Virtual Appliance includes:
  • CGAL 3.3
  • CGAL-Python 0.9.3 + polygon & intersections patches
  • VMware tools for networking, mouse integration and copy-paste functionality
  • g++ 4.1.1
  • IDLE Python IDE
  • The SciTE code editor
  • The Opera web browser
  • XFCE desktop

Get the free vmware player to run the appliance on either windows or linux.

Spiros Evangelatos
March 2008, Athens