Elias Koutsoupias
Professor of Computer Science
University of Athens
Panepistimiopolis, Ilissia
Athens 15784

phone: +30 210 7275122
fax: +30 210 7275114

E. Koutsoupias. Selfish task allocation. Bulletin of EATCS, Number 81, pages 79--88, October 2003.
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Recently there has been a lot of interest in problems at the intersection of Game Theory, Economics, and Computer Science. For example, there are interesting developments concerning algorithms for equilibria and cost sharing, algorithmic mechanism design, and the efficiency of systems with selfish users. In this note, I focus on the last area and in particular on the price of anarchy of task allocation, selfish routing, and congestion games. I discuss the issues of this area, mention the central results, and suggest some open problems, some of them close in spirit to competitive analysis.


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