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Kind of strange to find things about myself here, eh? But nothing is without reason.
Well, for you who really like to know, my name is Dionysios Lialios and I am 26 years old. I have finished my studies as an Electrical Engineer in the Univerisity of Patras and right now I am attending my Master's courses in Advanced Information Systems here in Athens.
I can't live without MU(sic) and when I'm in the mood, my interests include computers, KLF and many other things, especially building Web sites. I won't bother listing the sites I've created, let your imagination guide you. Other things I like is good conversation with friends, open-minded people and listening to "Little Fluffy Clouds" by The Orb, while driving down Kifissias Ave. on a sunny afternoon.
Well, I don't enjoy much talking about myself, and my pages are without reason of existence. They may even mar your mood. But stop and think for a minute and see the real meaning underneath these not-so-happy songs and lyrics.
For any comments or suggestions you can always mail me to