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Matthew ANDO (@) -
Oliver ATKIN (@, @) -
George BARWOOD (@) EC crypto FAQ
Renet Lovorn BENDER (@) -
Dominique BERNARDI (@) -
Dan J. BERNSTEIN (@) Papers
Daniel BLEICHENBACHER (@) Papers, Thesis
Dan BONEH (@) Papers
Thérèse BOOGAERTS (@) [Boo98]
Francis BORCEUX (@) [BQ95]
Wieb BOSMA (@) -
David M. BRESSOUD (@) [Bre89]
Johannes BUCHMANN (@) Papers
J.W.S. CASSELS (@) [Cas66], [Cas91]
Leonard S. CHARLAP (@) [CC90], [CR88]
John H. COATES (@) -
Henri COHEN (@) Papers, [Coh93]
Ian CONNELL (@) [Con96]
Jean-Marc COUVEIGNES (@) Papers, [Cou94]
Richard CRANDALL (@) -
John CREMONA (@) Papers, [Cre97]
János A. CSIRIK (@) Papers
James DAVENPORT (@) Papers
Jonathan DeMARRAIS (@) -
Erik DE WIN (@) Papers
Fred DIAMOND (@, @) -
Noam D. ELKIES (@) Papers
Andreas ENGE (@) [Eng97], [Eng99], EC page
Graham EVEREST (@) [EW99]
Stéphane FERMIGIER (@) [Fer94], EC page
Victor FLYNN (@) -
Gerhard FREY (@) Preprints
Steven D. GALBRAITH (@) [Gal96], EC page
Pierrick GAUDRY (@) [Gau95]
Shafi GOLDWASSER (@) -
Andrew GRANVILLE (@) Preprints/Reprints
Jorge GUAJARDO (@) Papers, [Gua97]
Guillaume HANROT (@) Papers, [Han97]
Erwin HESS (@) -
Robert HOFER (@) -
John JONES (@) Papers
Marc JOYE (@) Papers, [Joy95], [Joy97]
Charanjit Singh JUTLA (@) -
Burt S. KALISKI, Jr (@) [Kal88]
Hershy KISILEVSKY (@) [KM94]
Neal KOBLITZ (@) [Kob93], [Kob94], [Kob98]
Jun KOGURE (@) -
David R. KOHEL (@) Papers, [Koh96]
Kenji KOYAMA (@) -
Kenneth KRAMER (@) -
Larry LEHMAN (@) Papers
Arjen LENSTRA (@) -
Hendrik W. LENSTRA, Jr (@) -
Franck LEPREVOST (@) -
Reynald LERCIER (@) Papers, [Ler97], ZEN
Ueli MAURER (@) Papers
Barry MAZUR (@) -
Kevin McCURLEY (@, @) -
Alfred MENEZES (@) Papers, [MBG+92], [Men93], [MWZ96]
Jean-François MESTRE (@) -
Preda MIHAILESCU (@) -
Victor MILLER (@) -
J.S. MILNE (@) Papers, Course Notes, [Mil90], [Mil96], [Mil98]
Atsuko MIYAJI (@) -
Richard A. MOLLIN (@) -
Peter L. MONTGOMERY (@) CWI Reports, [Mon92]
François MORAIN (@) Papers, [Mor90]
Michael MÜLLER (@) Preprints
Volker MÜLLER (@) Papers, [Mül91], [Mül95]
Ram MURTY (@) Papers, [KM94]
Andrew ODLYZKO (@) Papers
Tatsuaki OKAMOTO (@) -
Takashi ONO (@) -
Christof PAAR (@) Papers
Sachar PAULUS (@) Preprints
Richard PINCH (@) Papers, EC page
Carl POMERANCE (@) -
Jean-Jacques QUISQUATER (@) Papers, [BQ95]
Kenneth A. RIBET (@) Papers
Matt ROBSHAW (@) -
Mike G. ROSING (@) [Ros98]
Karl RUBIN (@) Preprints, [Rub]
Hans-Georg RÜCK (@) Preprints
Dave RUSIN (@) Papers
Naoki SATOH (@) -
Takakazu SATOH (@) Papers, Preprints
Roger SCHLAFLY (@, @) -
René SCHOOF (@, @) -
Mike SCOTT (@) -
Victor SHOUP (@, @) Papers
Joseph H. SILVERMAN (@) Preprints, [Sil86], [Sil95], [Sil97], [ST92]
Nigel P. SMART (@) Papers, [Sma98], [BSS99]
Jerome SOLINAS (@, @) -
Andreas STEIN (@) Papers
William A. STEIN (@) Papers, [Ste00], Modular forms database
Tsuyoshi TAKAGI (@) Papers
Scott A. VANSTONE (@) -
Emil VOLCHECK (@) -
José Felipe VOLOCH (@) Preprints
Joachim von zur GATHEN (@) -
Tom WARD (@) Papers, [EW99]
Hugh C. WILLIAMS (@) -
James Pate WILLIAMS, Jr (@) -
Erik V. YORK (@) [Yor92]
Noriko YUI (@) Papers
Michael E. ZIEVE (@, @) Papers
Horst-Günter ZIMMER (@) -
XianKe ZHANG (@) Papers
Robert J. ZUCCHERATO (@, @) [MWZ96], [Zuc97]

See also the Number Theorists' Home Pages by Keith Matthews.

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(*) Available on line.


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(*) Available on line.

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aPecs 5.x
Program written in MAPLE to perform arithmetic on elliptic curves. A version for UBASIC is also available.
Author: Ian Connel.

Elliptic Curve Calculator 5.05
Two computer packages to perform basic compuations on elliptic curves. The first is a stand-alone application which runs on any variety of Macintosh. The second is a collection of MATHEMATICA routines with extensive documentation.
Authors: Joe Silverman and Paul van Mulbregt.

mwrank (12/1/98)
This program uses 2-descent (via 2-isogeny if possible) to determine the rank of an elliptic curve E over Q, list a set of points which generate E(Q) modulo 2E(Q), and finally search for further points on the curve. For details of algorithms see [Cre97]. Two related programs are also available: findinf and ratpoint.
Author: John Cremona.

LiDIA/LC 2.0.x
LiDIA is a C++ library for computational number theory which provides a collection of highly optimized implementations of various multiprecision data types and time-intensive algorithms.
The entire LiDIA functionality can be used interactively through LiDIA's LC interpreter. LC implements a subset of C++ and provides in addition to standard programming facilities, function overloading and automatic coercions. Functions and statements are treated as ordinary objects and may be manipulated at run-time. Because of the interpreted language, LC functions can be easily transformed to C++ programs which can then be compiled.
Authors: LiDIA Group at the Darmstadt University of Technology.

Pari-GP 2.1.x
Calculator for number theory. The PARI system is a package which is capable of doing formal computations on recursive types at high speed; it is primarily aimed at number theorists, but can be used by people whose primary need is speed. It is possible to use PARI in two different ways: (1) as a library, which can be called from any upper-level language application, (2) as a sophisticated programmable calculator, named GP, which contains most of the standard control instructions of a standard language like C.
Authors: C. Batut, K. Belabas, D. Bernardi, H. Cohen, and M. Olivier.
See also the Packages Page by John Cremona.

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