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Call Admission Algorithms for GPS Schedulers

The Generalized Processor Sharing (GPS) scheduling discipline has been widely considered to allocate bandwidth resources to multiplexed traffic streams. Our research has been focused on the case of a single node employing the GPS scheduling discipline for the provision of deterministic delay guarantees to leaky bucket constrained sources. The problem of Call Admission Control has been investigated and an algorithm, which has been shown to be capable of always producing the optimal weight assignment, has been derived. In addition, motivated by the intrinsic efficiencies and inefficiencies of the GPS scheduling discipline in handling certain types of traffic, the idea of decomposing original sessions into traffic components that can be more efficiently handled by GPS has been introduced. A service discipline, which is based on this idea has been proposed and a Call Admission Control algorithm for the proposed discipline, which ensures that typically better and never worse bandwidth utilization is achieved by the proposed scheme (compared to the GPS employing the optimal CAC algorithm), has been derived.

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