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With my students, we have designed and implemented the following (open source) systems:

  • Sextant. This is a Web-based system for the visualization and exploration of time-evolving linked geospatial data and the creation, sharing, and collaborative editing of "temporally-enriched" thematic maps.

  • Strabon. This is a fully implemented semantic geospatial database system that can be used to store linked geospatial data expressed in RDF and query them using an extension of SPARQL.

  • FoXtrot. This is an XML filtering system developed in the Ph.D. thesis of Iris Miliaraki. See our ACM TWEB paper.

  • Atlas is a P2P Query Processing system for RDF(S).

  •  P2P-DIET has been developed by my ex-student Stratos Idreos who is now at CWI, Amsterdam. The original web site for P2P-DIET is If you need to play with the system please contact Stratos at S.Idreos @


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