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Our work in the Semantic Web area currently concentrates on the following topics:

  • Linked geospatial data. Lots of data available publicly have a geospatial dimension and are useful in the development of many applications. We are interested in making such data available as linked data. See our recent activity concerning data about Greece and Earth Observation data.

  • Extensions of RDF and SPARQL for the representation of temporal and spatial data. In this context we have developed the data model stRDF, the query language stSPARQL and the system Strabon. More information can be found in our publications e.g., our ISWC 2012 paper.

  • RDF query processing on top of distributed hash tables. In this area we have developed protocols for the distributed storage and querying of RDF data in distributed hash tables. Our work resulted in the development of the system Atlas. For more information see our publications e.g., our ISWC 2010 paper.

  • Declarative update and rule languages for RDF. We have proposed a declarative update language for RDF graphs which is based on the paradigms of query and view languages RQL and RVL. RUL has been implemented by ICS FORTH in their RDFsuite set of tools for the Semantic Web. More details can be found in the paper "RUL: A Declarative Update Language for RDF".
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