Winamp Failure
Posted by Manolis Platakis on 20-11-2008 at 3:49
My Hi-Fi broke down the other day after 10 years of continuous usage. Its main usage, these days, is to serve as an amplifier for a pair of two cute Kenwood speakers (which came with the Hi-Fi). As a matter of fact, my Hi-Fi didn't totally broke down but the motοr moving the triple CD tray was jammed and kept making an irritating unstoppable noise.

Therefore, I had to "lose" the Hi-Fi for the time being and go back to some old tiny 5-euro speakers for PC. And so I did. After a couple of days my brother showed up and managed to stop the motor from operating and totally disabling the already useless CD player function of the Hi-Fi. So far so good. So, I put back the Hi-Fi and I had to replace the sound card audio output cable. Stupidly enough, I did that while Winamp was operating, which led to a DirectSound exception and afterwords an application crash.

Winamp refused to start again crashing on startup and blaming the ml_ipod module, a 3rd party Winamp plugin which I use to control my iPod (iTunes hater since ever). I tried re-installing the plugin but the problem didn't cease to exist. I googled around for 5', couldn't find anything of interest, so I bailed out hastily uninstalling and reinstalling Winamp. The problem was fixed but I had lost all history (play count, playlists etc.), plugins (besides ml_ipod), library indexing, various settings and so on.

Has anyone experienced similar problems before? I do admit, of course, that there were some certain obvious actions that I should have tried before ending up uninstalling Winamp. First of all, I could have restarted my damn PC! But restarting is a procedure that I hate and I avoid performing one the same way Dracula avoids garlic. Secondly, I could have manually deleted ml_ipod plugin and do a clean install of the module.

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Posted by Papajohn on 20-11-2008 at 16:12
The problem is that there is no way to backup your winamp profile. Its really rediculous why they haven't done anything for it but there is nothing you could do about it. At some point you would have to format the thing...
Posted by Manolis Platakis on 21-11-2008 at 1:12
After seeing your comment I googled around and found How do you take backup of winamp media library? as well as two backup plugins: this and this. Next time (touch wood), I 'll give them a try!
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