Accepted Papers

  1. E. Antonakos (New York), Comparing justified and common knowledge.
  2. P. Balbiani and T. Tinchev (Toulouse and Sofia), Decidability and complexity of modal definability and first-order definability within the class of all partitions.
  3. D. Bastiras (Adelaide), Ancient Greek responses to the Liar Paradox.
  4. M. Borisavljevic (Belgrade), Maximum segments and cuts.
  5. Chr. Chasiotis (Ioannina): Logic and teacher training.
  6. Ch. Cornaros (Karlovassi): Versions of Friedman's theorem for models of fragments of PA.
  7. C. Dimitracopoulos and A. Sirokofskich (Athens), On a problem of L. D. Beklemishev.
  8. D. Dobrev (Sofia), AI in arbitrary world.
  9. E. Foustoucos and L. Kalantzi (Athens): MSO querying over trees via Datalog evaluation.
  10. H. Ganchev (Sofia), A total degree splitting theorem and a jump inversion, splitting theorem.
  11. K. Hatzikiriakou (Volos), Extensions of commutative rings in subsystems of second-order arithmetic.
  12. M. Kurilic (Novi Sad), Is each Boolean algebra img-Unsupported.
  13. B. Loewe and B. Semmes (Amsterdam), The extent of constructive games.
  14. J. R. Moschovakis (Los Angeles), A note on img and img.
  15. S. Nikolova and I. Pschelarov (Sofia), Points of img-definedness of non-deterministic programs over an arbitrary data type.
  16. Z. Ognjanovic, N. Ikodinovic and Z. Markovic (Belgrade): A logic with Kolmogorov style conditional probabilities.
  17. E. Pacuit (New York), A note on some explicit modal logics.
  18. A. Pagourtzis and S. Zachos (Athens), Self-reducibility of hard counting problems with decision version in P.
  19. N. Papaspyrou, M. Papakyriakou and A. Manousaridis (Athens), Encoding Hoare logic in typed certified code.
  20. Th. Pheidas and X. Vidaux (Iraklio and Concepcion), The analogue of Buchi's problem for some rings of functions.
  21. N. Rigas (Athens), Three proofs of the Church-Rosser theorem in the light of labeled reduction.
  22. P. Rondogiannis and W. Wadge (Athens and Victoria), Infinite games and well-founded negation.
  23. N. Sofronidis (Thessaloniki), The law of large numbers is a img-complete property.
  24. A. Soskova (Sofia), Properties of the joint spectra of sequences of structures.
  25. E. Tzanis (Amsterdam), Hybrid logic with operations on nominals.
  26. D. Vakarelov (Sofia), Modal definability, solving equations in modal algebras and generalizations of the Ackermann lemma.