Hi. I'm Koutoulakis Ioannis.

And this is my personal site.

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Here’s some projects I recently made.


Implementation of the algorithm described in the paper : Mining Opinion Words and Opinion Targets in a Two-Stage Framework, Liheng Xu et al, published in ACL13, so as to evaluate the domain specific polarity lexicon created, with the one described in the paper : Mining Domain-Specific Dictionaries of Opinion Words, published at WISE 2014.(details here...)

Data Mining Projects:

Sentiment analysis in Twitter posts - Tests were run by using various clustering / classification algorithms (Implemented using Java, and a machine learning tool called Weka).

LCSS (Longest common subsequence) algorithm implementation in taxi routes in China - Visualization in Google Maps, implemented using Java.

Database Systems Projects:

Database Creation using relational DBMS (MySql-Workbench)

Websites creation connected to a database. (using tomcat apache server in Netbeans IDE. Implemented using either java server pages or php to handle the actions of the webpage forms buttons etc.)

Artificial Intelligence Projects:

Implementation of finding a labyrinth’s exit using A star algorithm from google code repository with three different heuristics in python.

For more info please don't hesitate to contact me.

Skilled Communicator

Outgoing and always eager to be of help to anyone that asks.

University graduate

Studied Informatics and Telecommunications in the National University of Athens. GPA: 7.3/10

Other info

Sports, music, and traveling enthusiast.

email : koutoulakis_ioannis@yahoo.com

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