Ancient Greeks of all times recognozed Homer as the poet of Iliad and Odyssey and this beleif has its supporters up to our times.But the majority of the modern critics attribute Iliad to the poet Homer and Odyssey to an unknown poet a few years younger than Homer. The poet of Iliad with the Ionian name Homer is a historical person which lived in the second half of the eighth century B.C..In ancient times many Ionian cities claimed Homer's origin with Smyrne and the island of Chios having the greatest chances. 


After the fourth century B.C. many biographies of Homer were written,from 
which seven survived to our days.In these biographies the lack of assured information was balanced by the use of fantastic evidence.Ancient biographers report that Homer was blind. Since the sixth century B.C. Homer's epics became a school book which means that these were the text's from which young Greeks learned to read.Art was inspired by episodes from Homer's epics since the seventh century B.C. Many personalities from ancient Greece were influenced by Homer's heroic spirit and values.It is said that Alexander the Great,who greatly admired Achilles, always had the Iliad under his pillow. 

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