Reasearch Work

Ph.D. Students

M. Liazi
Approximation schemes: Cliques-coloring and k-densest sub-graphs
June 2008
O. Telelis
Dynamic graph algorithms
Nov. 2006
G. Pollatos
Combinatorial optimization in network design with restricted cardinality
in progress
M. Lamari
Task Allocation in Distributed Systems
Dec. 1996
I. Kopidakis
Scheduling in Parallel and Distributed Systems: packing and massively parallel approaches
Dec. 1996
E. Angel
PLS - completeness and extended local search
Dec. 1998
Á. Le Gall
Incremental and Adaptive algorithms for Combinatorial Optimization
Dec. 1997
M. Hifi
Cutting, Covering and Assembly Problems (co-advisor: V. Paschos)
Oct. 1994
M. Boubetra
Placement in Parallel Architectures (co-advisor D. Fayard)
Oct. 1993

Graduate Students M. Sc. Theses

Clique and densest subgraphs Merging
N. Andoniadis
Querry Optimization and Landscapes Ruggdness
O. Telelis
Incremental algorithms for the Set Cover
M. Liazi
The $k-$ Densest subgraph
July, 2002
G. Christodoulou
On - line Algorithms for the Maximum Independent Set Problem in Chordal Graphs and Admission Control
E. Angel
Quadratic Assignment Problem: Tabu Search and Simulated Annealing Approaches
M.S., June 1995
A. Le Gal
A Competitive Activation Model for Weighted Vertex Covering Problem
M.S., June 1994
R. Charpentier
Massively Parallel Genetic Algorithms for NP-complete Problems
M.S., Sept. 1993
M. Bollaert
Learning in Neural Networks for Combinatorial Optimization
M.S., Sept. 1993
Ph. Bereski
Minimum Covering by Cellular Methods
M.S., June 1990
M. Davette
Neural Networks for Optimization Problems
M.S., June 1992
F. Rauscher
Neural Networks Implementation on the Connection Machine
M.S., June 1992
M. Hifi
Approximation Algorithms for the Set Covering Problem (Co-advisor V. Paschos)
Sept. 1991
M. Afif
A Boltzman Machine Approach for the Set Covering Problem (Co-advisor V. Paschos)
Sept. 1991

Undergraduate Students Diploma Theses

E. Efstathios
Local search with Polynomial searchable exponential Neighborhoods
Sept. 2001
P. Christopoulos
March 2003
A. Daskos
Information Retrieval and the Knapsack Problem
July, 2002
G. Pollatos
Local Search and Neighborhoods Evaluation: The case of Maximum Independent Set
July, 2002
G. Dimitriou
Local Search and Neighborhoods Evaluation: The case of k-lightest subset problem
July, 2002
S. Kakouris
Graphs Coloring and Autocorrelation coefficient
Sept. 2003
Ch. Sofis
Graphs With Bounded Treewidth
Th. Perperis
Requests Satisfiability
D. Psounis
On the Landscape Ruggdness of k-densest subgraph problem


Project ANNIE (Esprit P 2092) - Artificial Neural Networks for Industry in Europe, funded by EC.
Project BQR (Research Quality Bonus) - Parallel and massively parallel computation: complexity, algorithms, communications and neural networks, funded by university of Paris Sud.
Project ASP: Basic research on Approximation algorithms, On-line algorithms and Local Search Techniques, funded by the French Ministry of Research and Technology.
Project ROCOCO: Combinatorial Optimization Techniques and Constrained Programming for Telecommunication Networks Design (with ILOG,France-Telecom-INRIA), funded by the French Ministry of Research and Technology.
Bi-lateral cooperation FRANCE-TURKEY on Neural Networks and (Un) Constrained Non Linear Optimization, funded by CNRS-TUBITAK.