I'm a 4th year Phd student at the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications in the University of Athens under the supervision of Prof. Ioannis Emiris on "High-dimensional polytopes defined by oracles: algorithms, computations and applications". My research interests are in the field of computational geometry and its connections with polytope theory, optimization, randomized geometric algorithms, computational algebraic geometry and algorithm engineering. Additionally, I enjoy working on database and game theory especially when problems with some geometric flavor arise.

I hold a Diploma (5-year degree) in Computer Engineering and Computer Science from the Department of Computer Engineering & Informatics, University of Patras. I received a M.Sc. in "Logic, Algorithms and Computation", an Interdepartmental Postgraduate Program run by University of Athens & National Technical University of Athens in 2009.

I am a member of the Lab of Geometric & Algebraic Algorithms.

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