Welcome to the 1st Hellenic Symposium on the Management of Data
Electronic Proceedings

Athens, Hellas
July, 23-24 2002

Conference Organization

Conference Program

Invited Talk I
Knowledge Management in the Innovation Chain
D. Tsichritzis

Multidimensional Data and OLAP
Issues in Modeling and Querying Multidimensional Databases
P.  Vasiliadis, S. Skiadopoulos,  T. Sellis

An Infrastructure for Manipulating Multidimensional  Semistructure Data
V. Zafeiris, C. Doulkeridis, Y. Stavrakas and M. Gergatsoulis

On-Demand Broadcast: New Challenges and Scheduling Algorithms
M. A. Sharaf and P. K.  Chrysanthis

Approximate Methods
XSketch Synopses for XML
N. Polyzotis  and M. Garofalakis

Improvements of Approximate Algorithms for Distance-Based Queries
Corral, J. Canadas and M. Vassilakopoulos

NPClu: A Methodology for Clustering Non-point Objects
M. Halkidi, M. Vazirgiannis and Y. Theodoridis

Invited Talk II
Internet-related Challenges for Database Theory
C. Papadimitriou

Spatiotemporal Data
Novel Forms of Nearest Neighbor Queries in Spatio-Temporal Applications
D. Papadias, Y. Tao, J. Zhang, Q. Shen and N. Mamoulis

Indexing of  Spatiotemporal Data with the hB-pi Tree
E. Kanoulas and G. Euaggelidis

Indexing Mobile Objects on the Plane
D. Papadopoulos, G. Kollios, D. Gunopulos and V. Tsotras

Management of Data in New Applications
UTML - Unified Transaction Modeling Language
N. Gioldasis and S. Christodoulakis

Adaptability Management and Deterministic Scheduling of Media Flows on Parallel Storage Servers
C. Mourlas

Creating Hyperarchives by Integrating Relational Data and Probabilistically Structured Texts
M. Spiliopoulou and K. Winkler

Panel Discussion
Database Research and  Development in Hellas: the Roles of Academic Community and Industry
Coordinator: I. Ioannidis

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(*) The 1st Hellenic Symposium on the Management of Data was held in memory of the late Prof. Paris Kanellakis (1953-1995).


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