Christos E. Syrseloudis
PhD Candidate
PhD Subject: "Efficient Algorithms for the Study and Design
of Parallel Robotic Mechanisms with Physiotherapy Applications."
Diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)
Research interests:
  • Parallel Robots (Kinematics, Design, Calibration).
  • Applications of Parallel Robots in Physiotherapy.
  • Algebraic and Geometric Algorithms.
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4. C. Syrseloudis, D. Daney, I. Emiris:  ”Identification of  Kinematics Parameters of the Ankle Joint Complex.  ”, Submitted for Journal publication. (pdf )
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6. S.G Tzafestas, C. Syrseloudis, G.G Rigatos:  ”Neuro-fuzzy Hybrid Position/Force Control of Industrial Robots: A Simulation Study for the Milling Task.”,
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PhD Thesis (pdf )