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Welcome to Autonomic Communication - a new communication paradigm for evolving Internet

The 2nd IFIP TC6 International Workshop on Autonomic Communication (WAC 2005)
Oct. 3-5, 2005, Vouliagmeni, Athens, Greece

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Scope and Topics


Workshop Scope

    The purpose of this workshop is to present and to discuss the principles of Autonomic Communication (AC) – a new communication paradigm to assist the design of the Next Generation Networks (NGN). This workshop explicitly focuses on the grounding principles to achieve purposeful behavior on top of self-organization (self-management, self-healing, self-awareness, etc.). ThisCall solicits papers that study network element’s autonomic behavior as a consequence of innovative protocol structures (as opposed to traditional stack) and their interaction with numerous and largely-dynamic network groups and communities. The goals are to understand how autonomic behaviors are learned, influenced or changed, and how, in turn, these affect other elements, groups and the network.

   The self-organized networking structures will be able to sense their environment, detect and perceive changes and understand the meaning of these changes, thus facilitating new ways of performing network control, management, middle box communication, service creation, etc. This will be based on universal and fine-grained multiplexing of numerous policies, rules and events which are done autonomously but facilitate the desired behavior of groups of network elements. Papers addressing autonomic communication principles applicable to the Internet or new networking paradigms and structures are welcome.

The emphasis of the event     is on long-term research agenda with a broad interdisciplinary approach to explore concurrently multiple paradigm spaces. In addition to technical papers, well though-out position papers will also be accommodated.

Workshop Topics:

Papers are solicited on at least the following topics

  • Theoretical foundations of autonomic network control
  • Self-organisation for NGN re-configurability
  • Management of nomadicity, scalability, diversity and complexity  
  • Behavioral networking
  • Autonomic Communication calculi
  • Security, immunity and resilience of Autonomic Communication
  • Designing evolvable next generation networks 
  • Policy-based communication and policy multiplexing in NGN
  • Coping with peer to peer and WLAN network proliferation
  • Group communication for control and management plane
  • Large Autonomic Communication testbeds
  • Modelling and analysis of Autonomic Communication systems
  • Mobile code and network programmability for Autonomic Communication
  • Generic network-level service composition at run-time
  • Context handling within Autonomic Communication
  • Theoretical foundations of rule-based systems
  • Applied Autonomic Communication (QoS, traffic engineering, routing, etc.)