ACCA project is a Coordination Action supported by IST FET

AC at IFIP TC6 Meetings

IFIP TC6 meeting, May 4-5, 2004, Athens, Greece [I. Stavrakakis requested and supported IFIP TC6 sponsorship of WAC2004, the flagship workshop of ACCA; IFIP WG6.6 was considered the closest topic-wise and assumed the sponsorship]

IFIP TC6 meeting, May 7-8, 2005, Toronto, Canada [I. Stavrakakis recommended that IFIP WG6.3 (that he is chairing) also co-sponsors WAC2005; IFIP WG6.6 also continued sponsoring WAC; other WGs expressed the interest to co-sponsor WAC but no further decision was taken.]

IFIP TC6 meeting, Oct. 29-30, 2005, Wroclaw, Poland.
[Autonomic Communication was viewed as an area around which IFIP TC6 should create a new major flagship event (such as IFIP Networking series); the options brought up were: (a) combine WAC with other related workshops, starting from WAC2006 which will be co-located with such events; (b) maintain WAC as a small forward-looking workshop and build a major conference in Autonomic Communication / Networking].