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Recent Collaborators and Past Supervised Ph.D. students

Recent Major Collaborators

·         Dr. Konstantinos Oikonomou (Ionian U.)

·         Dr.-Ing Tobias Meuser (TU Darmstadt)

·         Dr. Christos Xenakis (U. Piraeus)

Other Colaborators

·         .......... ......

Past Ph.D. Students

·         Ioannis Manolopoulos, “Methodologies for Effective Self-adaptive Decisions in Routing, Signaling, Cooperation, and Other Operations in Diverse Mobile Networks” (2015, University of Athens).

·         Panagiotis Pantazopoulos, “Internet Content Management using Complex Network Analysis techniques”,(2014, University of Athens). Currently researcher with the National Technical University of Athens

·         Evaggelia Kokolaki, “Information dissemination and consumption in competitive networking urban environments” (2014, University of Athens).

·         Eva Jaho, "Cooperative mechanisms for information dissemination and retrieval in networks with autonomous nodes” (2011, University of Athens). Currently with the Athens Technology Center (ATC S.A.), Athens, Greece.

·         Emmanouil Kafetzakis, "Effective Capacity-based Stochastic Guarantees for Systems with Time-Varying Servers, with an Application to IEEE 802.11 WLANs” (2011, University of Athens). Currently with the Institute of Informatics & Telecommunications NCSR 'Demokritos', Athens, Greece.

·         Leonidas Tzevelekas, "Energy efficient algorithms for topology control and information dissemination/ retrieval in large scale Wireless Sensor Networks” (2010, University of Athens).

·         Dimitris Kogias, "Study and Design of Algorithms for Information Dissemination in Unstructured Networking Environments", (2010, University of Athens).

·         Constantinos Vassilakis, “Content distribution support in modern wireless and wired networks”, (2008, University of Athens). Currently with GRNet, Networking Research and Education, Greek Ministry of Education.

·         Athanasios Vaios, “Short-range multi-hop communication extension to Wireless LANS”, (2008, University of Athens). Currently Teaching and Lab Assistant Personnel, University of Athens.

·         Pandelis Balaouras, "Rate Adaptation Schemes for Continuous Media Steams", (2005, University of Athens). Currently Technical staff of Network Operation Center of the University of Athens.

·         Nikolaos Laoutaris , "Modeling and Optimization of Content Networks", (2004, University of Athens) - currently with Telefonica Research, Barcelona (post-doc fellow at Harvard, Marie-Curie Post-Doc Fellow at Boston University and University of Athens).

·         Konstantinos Oikonomou, "Topology Unaware MAC Protocols for Ad Hoc Networks", (2004, University of Athens) - currently Assistant Professor at Ionio University, Corfu, Greece.

·         Antonis Panagakis, "Study of the capacity of Static Weight Allocation Scheduling schemes and Wireless Multi-hop Networks", (2004, University of Athens) -  Employment: Hellenic Telecommunication & Post Commission

·         Cesar Santivanez, "Mechanisms toward a Multi-mode Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks", (2001, Northeastern University, USA). Employment: BBN Technologies, Boston (USA).

·         Zoe Antoniou , "Scheduling Algorithms for Application-Level QoS Support of Continuous Media Streams", (1999, Northeastern University, USA). Employment: Nokia Research Center, Boston (USA).

·         Tamer Dag , "Proactive/Reactive Congestion Control Schemes for High Speed Networks", (1999, Northeastern University, USA). Employment:

·         Jeffrey Capone , "Achievable QoS and Scheduling Policies for Integrated Services Wireless Networks", (1997, Northeastern University, USA). Employment: Chief Technology Officer at Verkata software innovation, San Francisco, CA (USA).

·         Mohamed Abdelaziz , "Traffic Management and Congestion Control", (1995, University of Vermont, USA). Employment: Principal Engineer at ZOLL Medical, Massachusetts (USA).

·         Randall Landry , "Performance Evaluation of Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Networks", (1994, University of Vermont, USA). Employment: Technical Director at Mitre Corp., Bedford, Massachusetts (USA).

·         Sophia Tsakiridou "Queuing Analysis of Resource Allocation Policies for Communication Networks" (1994, University of Vermont, USA). Employment: University of Vermont (USA); Canadian Research Center (CA); Technical University of Crete.