RECOGNITION will develop a radically new approach for embedding self-awareness in ICT systems. This will

be based on the cognitive processes that the human species exhibits for self-awareness, seeking to exploit

the fact that humans are ultimately the fundamental basis for high performance autonomic processes. This is

due to the cognitive ability of the brain to efficiently assert relevance (or irrelevance), extract knowledge and

take appropriate decisions, when faced with partial information and disparate stimuli. Using the psychological

and cognitive sciences as concrete inspiration, our approach is to develop functional models of the core

cognitive processes that allow humans to assert relevance and achieve knowledge from information. This

involves mechanisms such as inference, belief, similarity and trust. These will be translated to the ICT domain

by development of flexible RECOGNITION algorithms that can be imbedded in ICT on a flexible basis for



We will demonstrate this new paradigm for Internet content. The future Internet will see ever-increasing amounts

of content that needs to be effectively managed and acquired, often from portable devices and in diverse spatial

and social situations. The massive scale of content will swamp the user with information, impeding effective

management and relevant acquisition by the user. By exploiting the self-awareness capability we will enable the

users, content and network to cope effectively in a scalable manner, thus making unprecedented amounts of

relevant content available and unleashing new classes of applications that extract maximum utility from content.

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