Social Electricity Online Platform

Project Description

The Social Electricity Online Platform (SEOP) research project aims to offer online learning tools and eco-feedback educational services to European citizens, influencing them to acquire more sustainable everyday practices. The project is funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission and its mission is to raise the energy awareness of European citizens and educate them about reducing their energy footprint, in order to save energy and money and protect the environment. It is a collaboration between two universities (University of Cyprus and University of Athens), four institutes specializing in learning and education (CARDET, ECC, INTEGRA and QUALED), three electricity agencies from Europe (Electricity Authority of Cyprus, KREA and MIEMA) and a community-based organization (Meath Partnership).

List of Participants

ANR-UoA role

    ANR-UoA contributes to the project by utilizing its expertise in Internet applications and effective dissemination of information over large-scale social networking platforms (like Facebook, Twitter, etc) and further supporting the pilot implementations and testing of the Social Electricity Web and Facebook ICT platforms.

People Involved