16th International Conference on

Scientific and Statistical Database Management

21-23 June 2004 Santorini Island Greece

Petros Nomikos Conference Center


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Monday June 21, 2004

9:15-9:30 Welcome


J. Gray "Where the Rubber Meets the Sky: The Semantic Gap Between Data Producers And Data Consumers"
11:00-13:00 Session 1: DATA MINING
"HybridTreeMiner: an Efficient Algorithm for Mining Frequent Rooted Trees and Free Trees Using Canonical Forms" Y. Chi, Y. Yang, R. Muntz

"COBBLER: Combining Column and Row Enumeration for Closed Pattern Discovery" F. Pan, C. Gao, X. Xin, A. Tung

"Upper Bound on the Length of Generalized Disjunction-Free Patterns" M. Kryszkiewicz

"Mining Deviants in Time Series Data Streams" S. Muthukrishnan, R. Shah, J.S. Vitter

"A Fast Algorithm for Subspace Clustering by Pattern Similarity" H. Wang, F. Chu, W. Fan, P.S. Yu, J. Pei


14:00-15:30pm Session 2: STREAMS AND TIME-SERIES
"Efficient Similarity Search in Streaming Time Sequences" M. Kontaki, A. Papadopoulos

"Parallelizing Clustering of Geoscientific Data Sets using Data Stream" S. Nittel, K. Leung

"A Scalable Approach to Approximating Aggregate Queries over Intermittent Streams" S. Zhu, C. Ravishankar

"Temporal Range Exploration of Collections of Large Scale Multidimensional Time Series Data" J. JaJa, J. Kim, Q. Wang

16:00-17:30 pm Session 3: SHORT AND DEMO PAPERS I
"Accessing and Visualizing Scientific Spatiotemporal Data" D.S. Katz, A. Bergou, G.B. Berriman, G.L. Block, J. Collier, D.W. Curkendall, J. Good, L. Husman, J.C. Jacob, A. Laity, P.P. Li, C. Miller, T. Prince, H. Siegel, R. Williams

"Selected Spatio-Temporal Data Types and Operations for a 3D/4D Geological Information System" J. Siebeck, S. Shumilov, A. Cremers, M. Breunig, A. Thomsen J

"Indexing the Trajectories of Moving Objects in Networks" V. Teixeira de Almeida, R.H. Güting

"Efficient Query Processing on Relational Data-Partitioning Index Structures" H.P. Kriegel, P. Kunath, M. Pfeifle, M. Renz

"Continuous K-Nearest Neighbor Search for Moving Objects" Y. Li, J. Yang, J. Han

"A Tree Structured Query Interface for Querying Semi-Structured Data" S. Newman, M. Ozsoyoglu

"Spatio-Temporal Data Services in a Shared-Nothing Environment" M. Hadjieleftheriou, V. Kriakov, Y. Tao, G. Kollios, A. Delis, V. Tsotras

"SaIL: a Library for Efficient Application Integration of Spatial Indices" M. Hadjieleftheriou, E. Hoel, V. Tsotras

18:00-20:00pm Reception and Poster Session
"A Monte Carlo Sampling Method for Drawing Representative Sampling from Large Databases" H. Guo, W.C. Hou, F. Yan, Q. Zhu
"LCGMiner: Levelwise Closed Graph Pattern Mining from Large Databases" A. Xu, H. Lei, S. Srihari
"Kepler: an Extensible System for Design and Execution of Scientific Workflows" I. Altintas, C. Berkley, E. Jaegar, M. Jones, B. Ludaescher, S. Mock
"Finding Frequent Items in Sliding Windows with Multinomially-Distributed Item Frequencies" L. Golab, D. DeHaan, A. Lopez-Ortiz, E. Demaine
"A Shrinking-Based Dimension Reduction Approach for Multi-Dimensional Data Analysis" Y. Shi, A. Zhang
"Detection and Limitation of Interval Inference in Statistical Databases" C. Boyens, O. Günther
"Knowledge Sifter: Ontology-Driven Search over Heterogeneous Databases" L. Kerschberg, M Chowdhury, A. Damiano, H. Jeong, S. Mitchell, J. Si, S. Smith
"An Efficient Method to Find Area Clusters with Constraints Using Grid Index Structure" K.S. Yang, R. Yang, J. Tang, M. Kafatos
"A Data Warehouse Conceptual Data Model" A. Kamble, E. Franconi
"A Weight-based Map Matching Algorithm in Moving Objects Databases" H. Yin, O. Wolfson
"Hierarchical Stream Aggregates: Querying Nested Stream Sessions" D. Chatziantoniou, A. Anagnostopoulos
"Ants Caught in the Semantic Web: a Study in the Application of Description Logic to Animal Systematics" K. Taylor, C. Gretton
"A Service Oriented Architecture for a Health Research Data Network" K. Taylor, C. O'Keefe, J. Colton, R. Baxter, R. Sparks, U. Srinivasan, M. Cameron, L. Lefort
"Self-Deadlocks in Disparate Scientific Data Management Systems" F. Pentaris, Y. Ioannidis
"Discovery of Serial Episodes from Streams of Events"T. Mielikäinen

Tuesday June 22, 2004

P. Buneman The Two Cultures of Digital Curation

"Merging R-trees" V. Vasaitis, A. Nanopoulos, P. Bozanis

"Spatial Join for High-Resolution Objects" H.P. Kriegel, P. Kunath, M. Pfeifle, M. Renz

"Improvements in Distance-Based Indexing" M. Tasan, M. Ozsoyoglu

"A Comparative Study of Spatial Indexing Techniques for Multidimensional Scientific Datasets" B. Nam, A. Sussman

"BASS: Approximate Search on Large String Databases" J. Yang, W. Wang, P.S. Yu

14:00-15:30 Session 5: DATA WAREHOUSES
"Customized Answers to Summary Queries via Aggregate Views" F. Malvestuto, E. Pourabbas

"Fast Computation of Iceberg Dwarf" X. Longgang, F. Yucai

"MM-Cubing: Computing Iceberg Cubes by Factorizing the Lattice Space" Z. Shao, J. Han, D. Xin

"On the Integration of Autonomous Data Marts T" L. Cabibbo, R. Torlone


"An Economic Model for Resource Exchange in Mobile Peer to Peer Networks" O. Wolfson, B. Xu, P. Sistla

"A Generic Algorithmic Framework for Aggregation on Spatio-Temporal Data" S.H. Jeong, N. Paton, A. Fernandes, T. Griffiths

"Retrieval of Isomorphic Substructures in Crystallographic Databases" H.J. Klein

"Modeling and Language Support for the Management of Pattern-Bases" M. Terrovitis, P. Vassiliadis, S. Skiadopoulos, E. Bertino, B. Catania, A. Maddalena

"Composing Lineage Metadata with XML for Custom Satellite-Derived Data Products" R. Bose, J. Frew

19:00-23:00  Tour and Banquet to Oia

Wednesday June 23, 2004

"Managing Moving Objects on Dynamic Transportation Networks" Z. Ding, R.H. Güting

"All-Nearest-Neighbors Queries in Spatial Databases" J. Zhang, N. Mamoulis, D. Papadias, Y. Tao

"Multi-scale Classification of Moving Object Trajectories" C. du Mouza, P. Rigaux

"Scalable Spatio-temporal Continuous Query Processing for Location-aware Services" X. Xiong, M.F. Mokbel, W.G. Aref, S.E. Hambrusch, S. Prabhakar



11:00-12:30  Session 8: Short and Demo Paper II
"An Information System for Material Microstructures" K. Roberts, F. Mücklich, R. Schenkel, G. Weikum
"Knowledge Discovery from Databases on the Semantic Web" B. Scotney, S. McClean
"MISSION: an Agent-based System for Semantic Integration of Heterogeneous Distributed Statistical Information Sources" S. McClean, B. Scotney, H. Rutjes, J. Hartkamp, I. Karali, M. Hatzopoulos, J. Lamb, D. Ma
"The Schema Evolution and Data Migration Framework of the Environmental Mass Database IMIS" D. Draheim, M. Horn, I. Schulz
"String Join Using Precedence Count Matrix"  X. Cao, A. Tung, B.C. Ooi, K.L. Tan, S.C. Li
"On Integrating Scientific Resources through Semantic Registration" S. Bowers, K. Lin, B. Ludaescher
"MDDQL-Stat: Data Querying and Analysis through Integration of Intensional and Extensional Semantics" E. Kapetanios, D. Baer, B. Glaus, P. Groenewoud
"Exploiting Multiple Paths to Express Scientific Queries" Z. Lacroix, T. Morris, L. Raschid, M.E. Vidal


"An Integrated Metadata Model for Statistical Data Collection and Processing" M. Vardaki, H. Papageorgiou

"East of Neuchâtel: a Universal Model for the Representation of Statistical Taxonomy Systems" K.A. Froeschl, M. Denk

"AutoPart: Automating Schema Design for Large Scientific Databases using Data Partitioning" S. Papadomanolakis, A. Ailamaki

"Grid-Based Metadata Services" E. Deelman, G. Singh, M. Atkinson, A. Chervenak, N. Chue Hong, C. Kesselman, S. Patil, L. Pearlman, M.H. Su

"DataMover: Robust Terabyte-Scale Multi-file Replication over Wide-Area Networks" A. Sim, J. Gu, A. Shoshani, V. Natarajan


16:30-17:30 pm. Panel:Data Management over the GRID: Heaven or Hell? Moderator: Y. Ioannidis
18:00-21:00pm. Boat trip to Kameni