Theodoros Giannakopoulos: Personal Web Page

Welcome to my personal Web Page.

I am a external research associate in the

My research interests lie in the fields of pattern recognition, audio-visual analysis and data mining.


  • - pyAudioAnalysis: A Python Audio Analysis Library is now available at Github. The library implements a wide range of audio analysis methods, focusing on:
    • - Extracting several audio features
    • - Training and evaluating audio classifiers (e.g. speech vs music)
    • - Training and evaluating regression models for audio signals (e.g. emotion estimation)
    • - Silence removal
    • - Speaker diarization (and general audio clustering)
    • - Supervised joint segmentation - classification
    • - Audio thumbnailing
    • - Audio content visualization
  • - The book Introduction to Audio Analysis: A MATLAB Approach has been published in March 2014. The Matlab Audio Analysis Library is also avaible and can be used as companion material of the book.

Last Update: 12/03/2014