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Sofia Maraki's project on Naxos' Folklore

My mother, Sofia Maraki, as a 3rd year student in the dept. of Philology (school of Philosophy) at the University of Athens, studied the folklore of Tragea basin in the island of Naxos. I was astonished finding her project online in 2010, in the digital collection of the historical archives of the University of Athens. It seems that some things really work well in Greece :)
This is one of the few comprehensive sources on Naxos' Folklore.

Sustine et Abstine

Coat-of-arms of the Frangopoulos family, my mother's ancestors, in Naxos Citadel.
The coat features an eagle and the motto "SUSTINE ET ABSTINE" (Latin for "Sustain and abstain"/"υπομένειν και επιμένειν").