INF322: Social Network Analysis

In fall 2016 I am teaching Social Network Analysis in the Graduate Study Program "Master of Science in Data Science" of the Athens University of Economics and Business.

  • Dec 4 2016: Homework 3 is out. Due: Dec 11 2016.
  • Nov 27 2016: Homework 1 grades have been announced.
  • Nov 12 2016: Homework 2 is out. Due: Nov 30 2016. The Pregel and Apache Giraph tutorial slides can be found in eClass.
  • Oct 22 2016: Homework 1 is out. Due: Oct 28 2016.
  • Sep 27 2016: The first class will be held at 6:00PM on Friday October 14th. Please install the necessary software into your laptops!
The handouts of the course are being uploaded to (INF322).
The resources for the course are being uploaded to (INF322).

Exercises from my tutorials (in greek)