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Integrating Multi-dimensional Information Spaces
2 October 2009, 2nd Workshop on Very Large Digital Libraries, ECDL 2009 Conference [Slides]

Towards a Unified Runtime Model for Managing Networked Classes of Digital Objects
20 September 2007, 2nd DELOS Workshop on Foundations of Digital Libraries, ECDL 2007 Conference [Slides]

Typed Digital Objects in Pergamos Digital Library
6 July 2007, 6th Hellenic Data Management Symposium

Towards a Repository-independent Implementation of Digital Object Prototypes
21 September 2006, DORSDL Workshop, ECDL 2006 Conference [PPT]

Digital Object Prototypes: An Effective Realization of Digital Object Types
18 September 2006, ECDL 2006 Conference [PPT | Paper]

Digital Object Prototypes and Fedora Content Models
5 May 2006, FEDORA Content Model Workshop [PDF]

Introducing Pergamos: A FEDORA based Digital Library System utilizing Digital Object Prototypes
28 Sep 2005, European FEDORA User Meeting [PPT]

On the Effective Manipulation of Digital Objects: A Prototype-based Instantiation Approach
19 Sep 2005, ECDL 2005 Conference [PPT | Paper]

Object Instantiation and Class Initialisation in Java [In Greek]
1 Mar 2004
A set of slides presenting some aspects of object and class initialisation issues in the Java programming Language. Some of these issues are underestimated by the novice java programmer and not gaining the appropriate attention, a fact that leads to misunderstandings, errors and bugs. This presentation, extracts the related information from the JLS, provides an example or two and also discusses the Singleton Design Pattern, since it is tightly coupled with initialisation issues. It appeared in daemon's issue #4.

About daemon [In Greek]
13 Jan 2004
A small set of slides presenting the essense of daemon, which appeared in daemon's issue #1. The information is highly compressed, so you may have to take a look at the site.

A Java Technology Overview
9 Nov 2001
Java and ArcIMS Workshop of the 11th Greek Users Conference of G.I.S ArcInfo - ArcView

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