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Journals and Magazines

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Book Chapters

  1. S. Paskalis, G. Lampropoulos, D. Skyrianoglou, and E. Zervas, A Framework for Mobility and QoS Provisioning in IPv6 DECT Networks, Lecture Notes in Computer Science Vol. 2563, "Advances in Informatics, Post-Proceedings of the 8th Panhellenic Conference in Informatics" (Y. Manolopoulos, S. Evripidou, A. Kakas eds), pp. 368-385 2003.

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  3. A. Kaloxylos, S. Paskalis, D. Vali, and A. Boucouvalas, Mobility Management and QoS Support in Wireless Environments: Trends and Open issues, to appear in the book "Wireless Network Traffic and Quality of Service Support: Trends and Standards", edited by T. Lagkas, P. Aggelidis, and L. Georgiadis, and to be published by IGI Global.

Conferences and Workshops

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